Why do we need more lemon in our diet?

Don’t … sour! Lemon does good in many ways.
We may not be able to consume them and their juice has a sharp acidity. But we can add their juice to food, smoothies, other juices, to sauce, to desserts, to cakes and get their infinite benefits.

They strengthen the body’s defense
Lemons, like all citrus fruits, are rich in vitamin C, which strengthens our immune systems and makes us less vulnerable to viruses and diseases. It also fights free radicals, which lead to cancer in the long run.

They reduce the risk of stroke
According to the American Heart Association, eating lemons can reduce the risk of ischemic stroke by 19%.

They contribute to the production of collagen
Again, their Vitamin C is the main cause, since generally this vitamin in the diet contributes to the production of collagen and our lemons provide it adequately (1 small lemon gives us 51% of the Vitamin C we need daily). Collagen means elasticity and youthfulness in the skin, nails and hair, meaning inner and outer beauty.

They increase the absorption of iron
When consuming a diet rich in iron, such as spinach, lentils, and so on, be sure to combine it with lemon or a vitamin C-containing food and avoid consuming a calcium-containing food unless two hours have elapsed. The reason is that your body will better absorb this important mineral with Vitamin C, stimulating you in your daily life.

They prevent asthma
The risk of asthma is lower in people who consume large amounts of certain nutrients, including vitamin C, that lemons provide.