The well-known trick that detoxifies the liver.

In addition to being rich in Vitamin C, like all citrus fruits, lemon also has strong antioxidant activity – Eat more lemons and remove toxins from your body.

A little squeezed lemon in water every day is something that those who want to help detoxify their bodies drink.

Lemon eliminates toxins from the liver.

D lemonene of citrus oil enhances the activity of phase I and II detoxifying enzymes.

These enzymes work either in the gut or in the liver, metabolizing drugs and environmental toxins into water-soluble substances that the body can easily eliminate.

A study in overweight Korean women and published in FASEB showed that those who followed a lemon detoxification program had a significant reduction in body fat as well as enhanced detoxification associated with reduced levels of CRP (inflammation index).