The superfoods that match in December.

Kum quat, the outsider

It may not have a solid place in our fruit market, but kum quat has significant benefits for the body. Specifically, it is rich in Vitamin C that enhances the body’s defense and A which does good in vision, while its fiber brakes it to prevent hunger, while at the same time doing good in the gut. Choose kumquats that are orange rather than greenish and consume them plain or add to marinade.

Pomegranate, for luck and health

It is rich in Vitamin C, providing us with almost 50% of the amount we need per day of fruit, and providing us with fiber, potassium and iron. All of this together translates to boosting the immune system, keeping the silhouette at just 70 calories in half a cup, antioxidant action that prevents damage to the body inside and out … and it is delicious. Try it plain, add it to your salad, add a few seeds to your yogurt or add the juice to your orange juice.