Small lacquers

How you can get your own vegetable garden by ensuring your family’s food quality.

We emphasize that it is a supreme opportunity for recreation, exercise, social gathering, healing and education. It also acts as an antidote to the crisis, as an incentive to create, as a trigger for the problems faced by the producer.

We encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences among growers for the best choice, we practically encourage the promotion of traditional varieties of vegetables.

We encourage you to visit with your children and their own participatory process by considering the best ambassadors of the idea of participation and ultimately the establishment of school vegetable gardens.

Rental of small parcels:

  • Area approximately 80-150 sq.m. depending on the number of people they serve
  • Planting vegetables
  • Agronomist tips
  • The cost includes: water, agronomic tips, cultivation tools, plants & seeds, supervision, guarding, label signing.

We help you create your own colorful card postal with colors chosen by you, who are all the vegetables you want for a healthier diet, another way of life closer to nature.
Become self-sufficient in fruits and vegetables in the most natural way protecting the health of your loved ones and yours.