Our vision

Responsibility, Quality, Transparency, Added value

The vision of Mylanthos company is to become the leader in the relevant domestic and international delicatessen type food sector and become one of the most modern and efficient enterprises in Greece, rivals the best European, through which products of superior quality are distributing. It wants to achieve with high quality work and services in modern - integrated facilities, with the obvious result of high added value both to each product and at participating merchants, partners and employees in this bearing in mind the final consumer.

This will be achieved with reliable quality answers to all stages of the collection, preservation, transportation, storage, processing, packaging and shipping and disposal of the product in the European consumer. From the earliest stages of its creation, secured the daily quality control of raw materials, intermediate stages and the final product. These not only guarantee the correct implementation and application of the HACCP standards and ISO 22000 but largely even exceeded many procedures such standards.

Quality at every stage of collection, transportation, processing, packaging and storage, because the quality is non-negotiable and conscious application of good practice standards.

Responsibility for the final consumer, who always want to be our final arbiter.